"Tearing Down The Walls"

Our debut, self-produced album has been in the works since September 2011. We are proud to announce that it is available for FREE download via Noisetrade.

It is a blessing to live in an era when artists can record their music independently. Working from the studio space in my tiny bedroom, we have crafted these songs, listening (and altering) them day after day.

Since posting "Let Me Go" as a single 14 months ago, we have discussed many options for our first release. Do we wait for a label to back it? Do we make it an "official" release? Do we just call it a demo? How many songs should we record?

If there's one thing I've learned in my brief history as an artist, its that the music is all that matters. As much as we try to validate our creations with labels, the songs will ultimately speak for themselves. So I don't know if this counts as an "official" release or a demo. I don't know if we should've added more songs or cut a few. I don't know if the album's production is "industry standard". All I know is that we believe in these songs, and we gave everything to bring them to life. We are extremely proud of "Tearing Down The Walls".

So now its time to share our work with the world. We have decided to release the album for free download, simply because we can. The reason we created the album was to share our music with anyone who may enjoy it, and Noisetrade offers us the best platform to do so.

The support we have received from our friends and fans has been incredible; we look forward to singing these songs with you night after night. If you enjoy the album, pass it on. The listener is the best filter, all the hype in the world can't compete with the suggestion of a friend.

Thanks for listening,


Album cover design by Drew Kramer.

Album cover design by Drew Kramer.